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Keto Friendly


Fresh Ingredients


Family-Owned & Operated Since 2011

Curly Girlz Candy has set a new standard for health-conscious consumers, allowing our community of customers to enjoy a delicious indulgence without guilt. Our Sugar-free Candy line is made with plant-based alternative sweeteners (maltitol-free!) so that you can stay focused on your health goals while still satisfying your sweet-tooth. All of our treats are hand crafted and made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients from our kitchen in Owatonna, Minnesota. 

Can I Still Enjoy a Treat on a Keto Diet?

Short answer, YES! We love the science behind a keto diet and understanding how food fuels your body! For the long answer, read our article on understanding ketosis.

Customer Reviews

I can not get over how incredible these caramels taste. I would never guess they weren’t home made full sugar/full carb gourmet caramels.
Curly Girlz Pecan Brittle is divine! I felt like I was cheating on my eating plan. This is awesome treat!!
Tracy W.
I literally can not believe how good these are. They taste completely like a regular salted caramel- I wouldn’t know the difference between this and one with real sugar. Amazing.
Abby L.
Best candy ever!
I have tried numerous brands of low carb,sugar free candy and always found it lacking.CurlyGirlz candy tastes better than the real sugar thing.
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