Kid in a Candy Store #2 – Curly Girlz Candy Inc

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Kid in a Candy Store #2

As promised, here is the tale of my first attempt at making candy. To start off with, Paula showed me how to make the nougat centers for her scrumptious nut rolls. I did pretty well with that part, but came to realize that the next step—coating them in caramel—is a LOT harder than it sounds. Like, a LOT.

But I persevered and made it through, emerging sticky but victorious. Then I got to roll them in the nut mixtures, package, seal, label, and then box them up for the photo shoot later on that week. My first experience as an Oompa-Loompa went pretty well, all things considered. (Alas, I haven’t yet burst into witty British songs, but you never know!) 

Till next time!