Kid in a Candy Store #3 – Curly Girlz Candy Inc

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Kid in a Candy Store #3

The saga of candy-making continues! My next foray into the world of confectionary bliss involved crafting the Curly Girlz Clusters and then making my (first ever!) batch of toffee.

Making the Curly Girlz Clusters went fairly well—they’re tasty and fun, and very popular with our patrons! I enjoyed packing them up into clever little packets and putting them out in the case. Then came the toffee! I tentatively tried my hand at watching the boiling pot, while Paula stepped away to help a customer for a moment. During the (four minutes) she was away, my interior monologue went something like this:

Me, stirring pot and sedately keeping eye on thermometer: Wow, lookit me, I’m gonna be the next Willy Wonka! This is great! So easy! I’m so good. *whistles nonchalantly*

Me, seeing the thermometer climb slightly higher, realizing that simultaneously stirring the mixture and keeping the thermometer steady is harder than it first seemed: Huh, okay, still got this. Not too hard. Just gotta keep it up. Keep on keepin on. Got it.

Me, seeing the thermometer continue to climb up to the right point: *starts sweating, whistle falters*

Me, nervously balancing thermometer with one hand, still stirring with the other, and realizing that a) I’ve run out of limbs, and b) I realize I don’t know quite what to do now that the decisive moment has been reached: *clears throat* Uh, Paaaaauuuula? What should I doooo?

(Inwardly, I’m thinking more along the lines of: YIKES!! IT’S HAPPENED! CRITICAL POINT HAS BEEN REACHED!! WHAT IS TO BE DONE?!! HALP! Fire! Earthquake! Earthquakes WITH fire! It’s the end of the wooorld!)

But then Paula looked in, carefully checks the batch: Okay, you’re doing good. Now—*gives easy instructions*

Me: *breathes sigh of relief, inwardly resolves never again to commit the sin of hubris*

Till next time, folks!