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SUMMER SHIPPING is now in affect. We ship only Monday-Wednesday . Please note if you are a Canadian Consumer, customs will no longer allow our Hemp Brittle to be imported. If you order Hemp Brittle to be shipped to Canada, you do so at your own risk of forfeiture.

Brittle 3-Pack
Peanut Brittle
Hemp Brittle
Pecan Brittle

Brittle 3-Pack

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Buy More and SAVE! Buy 3-bags of our delicious, crunchy brittles and save 20% off the individual bag price! 

If you love our Brittles, this is the option for you! Enjoy 3 bags of our delicious brittles at a slight discount off individual bags! Choose from 3 bags of Hemp Brittle, Pecan Brittle, Peanut Brittle or 1 of each delicious flavor.

Customer Reviews

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Cassandra Robertson
Brittle 3 pack review

I loved this 3 pack. I got to try a little off everything. I thought there was a lot of candy in each pack considering the cost of sugar free items, I thought the price was accurate. This brittle should be looked at as a Candy you will be sucking on rather than crunching through. Anything I crunched through much of it there would come a point where the last chews would turn to a texture more appropriate for treating like a hard candy. The hemp was my fav texture, pecan my fav flavor, peanut the best balance of both. I’m not a big Candy eater but these a great singer free girl to option when I occasionally want Candy.

Annette Rondano
I ate the whole thing!

I especially loved the coffee toffee and will definitely order them again.

Sharon Hemmet
Pecan brittle

Delicious. Helps me on my diet because I can have something sweet guilt free


These are the best, love the Pecan Brittle. Also got the Almond Toffee, soooo good!!!

Ariana Lightningstorm
Love the brittle!

I loved getting the sample pack of brittles. They are wonderful! My favorite is the pecan so I'll be getting more of that soon.