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Sweet Success Sweetener Blend
Sweet Success Sweetener Blend
Sweet Success Sweetener Blend
Sweet Success Sweetener Blend

Sweet Success Sweetener Blend

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Have you wanted to know how we make our delicious candies without sugar? Now you can use our custom sweetener blend for all of your home baking. A blend of Allulose, Erythritol, and Stevia, our sweetener has zero net carbs and measures 1 per 1 in your recipes. Use in beverages and all of your cooking needs. 

Available in Granulated and Powdered Versions.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Sweetener Blend is a keeper!

I’ve only used it in coffee but as a Type 1 diabetic I so appreciate the lack of impact on my glucose. Thank you for creating and offering this great blend.

Good product

This sweetener is good. I do a lot of keto baking
And have used it in a few recipes so far with great success. The powdered will present as grainy because of the erythritol (misspelled on the package) where 100% allulose would not in some recipes that demand a smooth mouth feel. I would love to see some recipes and specific sweetener substitution details from curly girls.


My only problem with this candy is that it’s too delicious! The chocolate caramels literally taste like rich brownie batter melting in your mouth! I’ve also had the sea salt, the hemp brittle, chocolate covered brittle, and I ate them all. If you can portion it out (easier to do with the caramels because they are individually wrapped).


I like the Sweet Success Sweetener Blend!


I like the taste, consistency and versatility!