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Pecan Clusters
Pecan Clusters
Pecan Clusters
Pecan Clusters
Pecan Clusters
Pecan Clusters

Pecan Clusters

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So good, you'll never miss the sugar!

What is better than creamy caramel, pecans and chocolate? Sugar free and low carb, of course. We use fresh, raw pecans and cover with our new vanilla sugar free caramel and a stevia sweetened dark chocolate. It is the perfect blend of crunchy nuts, sweet caramel, and dark chocolate.

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Delicious candy

We love this delicious candy, and have been enjoying it thoroughly!

Deborah Fagan
hard to believe they're sugar free

I was a "Campfire Girl" when I was young and like the Girl Scouts, we sold things door to door to raise funds. Each year my favorite was the Turtles Candies. Now I can enjoy these guilt free Pecan Clusters by Curly Girlz. AWESOME!

Nancy Peterson
Pecan Clusters are my favorite!

They are delicious! Feels like cheating… but I’m not!!

Great product. Poor packaging.

Ordered these after tasting at a friend's and eagerly awaited delivery. They arrived covered in slimy gel from the ice pack that leaked it's contents. The text on the packaging was faded and smeared beyond legibility. Im glad the packaging protected the contents! Still delicious after cleaning the goo off the PKG.

Kathy Brodeur

I am happy to know there is candy out there that tastes so good! It fills the chocolate craving