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Our Story

Meet Curly Girlz Candy

Although we can’t speak about everyone, our founder, Paula Even Trenda loves candy and was obsessed with it as a child. Growing up in the kitchen with her grandmothers and mother, she always loved to cook – whether it was dinner, fresh breads, or treats, Paula was interested in learning and experimenting with recipes.  

While in junior high, she began making chocolates candies with an elderly neighbor for the holidays. Through many business travels, she rediscovered the art of candy making, and, in particular, artisan chocolates from Europe. While expecting her oldest “curly girl”, Paula enrolled in the online Ecolechocolate school in British Columbia, Canada. Friends and family were always willing to be guinea pigs for her delicious classroom projects (hello, truffles and caramels!).

Paula Even Trenda

Over the years Paula began making treats for gifts, and soon people were asking her to make chocolates for them. This transitioned into selling boxes, gifts, and trays of holiday "goodies" to those who knew of Paula's talents. In August 2014, Paula resigned from her full-time employment and opened her first retail space.

Shortly after opening her retail store, there were lots of requests for sugar-free candy. Having a grandmother who loved sweets and was diabetic, as well as worried about the amount of sugar she, herself, consumed but not loving the sugar-free candies available, she set out on a mission to create healthier, gourmet sugar-free confections. The main objective was to create a candy even kids would love that didn’t include Maltitol (and similar artificial sweeteners), artificial ingredients, and were keto and diabetic friendly. We launched our sugar-free line with 4 caramels and in 2019 transitioned to only creating gourmet sugar-free confections that provide 100% Indulgence and 0% Guilt.

original curly girlz

We currently sell online, in-store (at our Owatonna, Minnesota location), and at select retailers nationwide.